rebecca king


ebecca King is a fine art photographer from New Zealand. Her vision is to create a collection of sensitive silent moments, inspired by mythologies and folklore, capturing stories of nature, some full of whimsical intrigue, others more painterly botanical, always attempting to make something beautiful.

Her creative path began with paints and a brush, but she moved on to her greater love, photography, in 2018. Still wishing to use this medium in an artistic way, she picked up a camera and started experimenting. “This has become a new way of painting; all though instead of painting with pigments I paint with light.”

Rebecca believes as artists we can turn our dreams into reality. She feels her recent works come from a place of layering, intuition, and experimentation and exist somewhere in between painting and photography.



“Creating brings me a sense of peace and offers a place to let dreams and ideas become a reality, my highest goal is to convey that same feeling of serenity and magic to my audience, offering a window to a world where everything and anything is possible.”

She has sold her works in several group exhibitions, was published 4 years running in the NZ Camera Book, and has also received her PSNZ Licentiate Honours.

“Nature is an inexhaustible source of inspiration, not subject to fads and trends; it has a timeless beauty.”

This vision inspires her print collections.

Curriculum Vitae


2022 3rd Place – PSNZ Canon Online (Round 3)

2021 Silver Medal – Asia Pacific Photography Awards

2021 Licentiate Honours PSNZ


2023 (May 18 – 21) The Auckland Art Show, The Cloud, Auckland Waterfront

2022 – 2023 (Dec 09 – Jan 08) Summer Show, Upstairs Gallery, Titirangi, NZ

2022 (Nov 22 – Dec 21) Thesis Virtual Show, The Holy Art Gallery, London

2022 (Oct 22 – Oct 24) Kerikeri Art Trail, Northland, NZ

2022 (Feb 11 – March 6) Group Exhibition, Upstairs Gallery, Titirangi, Auckland, NZ

2021 (April) 100 x 100 Annual Art Show, Kerikeri, NZ

2020 (April) 100 x 100 Annual Art Show, Kerikeri, NZ

2020 (Feb) ‘Transient Spaces’ Exhibition, Studio 19, Kerikeri, NZ

2019 (Sep) ‘Tension’ Exhibition, Studio 19, Keri Keri, NZ

2019 (Apr) 100 x 100 Annual Art Show, Turner Centre, Kerikeri, NZ

2018 (Oct) Koast Art Trail, Kerikeri, NZ

2018 (Aug) ‘Online’ Exhibition, Studio 19, Kerikeri, NZ


2023 Art/Edit Magazine March 2023, Showcase Feature

2022 New Zealand Camera 2022, PSNZ

2021 New Zealand Camera 2021, PSNZ

2020 New Zealand Camera 2020, PSNZ

2019 New Zealand Camera 2019, PSNZ